With a global team of 7,000 employees and more than 25 brands in its portfolio, including Schick, Billie, Edge, Playtex, Hawaiian Tropic, Banana Boat, and many more, Edgewell Personal Care is on a transformation journey to become a more agile consumer products company. Being a forward-thinking organization, leadership has focused on technology investment as a path to growth, and for companies like Edgewell that are truly committed to innovation, this means large-scale cloud migration. Khoj Information Technology Inc played a key role in this project by helping Edgewell migrate its data to the Azure platform. The company also provided ongoing support and expertise in managing the platform.

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Before using Azure, Edgewell Personal Care faced a number of challenges in managing its IT infrastructure. The company had a complex system that included a mix of on-premises and cloud-based applications. This made it difficult to manage data, ensure data security, and keep track of software licenses. The company also faced performance issues and downtime due to hardware failures and other technical problems. This not only affected productivity but also increased costs, as the company had to invest in new hardware and software licenses.


To address these challenges, Edgewell turned to Microsoft Azure. The platform provided a range of services, including virtual machines, storage, and networking, that helped the company streamline its IT infrastructure. By migrating its data to Azure, Edgewell was able to reduce the complexity of its IT system, improve performance, and reduce costs. Khoj Information Technology Inc played a pivotal role in this project by providing expertise in migrating data to Azure and managing the platform. Khoj also provides ongoing support to ensure that the platform is running smoothly and efficiently.

Overall, by using Azure and working with Khoj Information Technology Inc, Edgewell Personal Care was able to overcome its IT challenges and improve its business operations.


By implementing Microsoft Azure, Edgewell was able to reduce out-of-stock situations, improve product availability, and enhance their customer satisfaction. The company saw an increase in sales and revenue due to the personalized product recommendations and insights.