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SAP Modernization On Cloud


SAP Modernization on Cloud

Our application modernization services include advisory services, cloud strategy, migration, upgrade transformation, and ongoing hosting and support. With our proprietary toolsets, you can simplify and speed up the SAP ECC to S4/HANA migration process as well as perform existing platform upgrades. We provide advisory services for companies seeking a flexible infrastructure, as well as help clients select the right cloud partner and migrate their on-premises solutions to the cloud.

SAP and Azure – The Best of Both Worlds

For SAP workloads that require mission-critical performance, Cloud is more than just a platform. As a result, it increases your opportunities for innovation, enhances your performance, improves your security, and allows you to adapt to changing needs instantly.

In addition to being SAP-certified, Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform is scalable, secure, and business-proven. As a result, your SAP-related infrastructure can be deployed quickly, and you get unparalleled performance, security, and unique insights to future-proof your business.

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Fortune 500 Clients
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SAP Assessments

Make sure your transformation to S/4HANA is a full success with the SAP readiness assessment from Khoj.

Khoj Offers an overall assessment of your current SAP ECC, HANA landscape or S/4 HANA assessment (Greenfield, Brownfield, Bluefield) and a solid migration approach. It includes an overall assessment of your current SAP environment and migration plan to cover a seamless lift and shift migration of your existing SAP and Bolt-on environment. This assessment will also include a migration path for any choice of implementation of S/4 HANA Azure:

  • Brownfield

    Upgrade of current SAP environment on Azure

  • Greenfield

    Fresh build on Azure

  • Bluefield

    Restructure and revaluate data and customizations for the move to S/4 HANA

Below are our various SAP on Azure assessments

SAP on Azure : 2-Day Assessment

Scenarios Covered
  • SAP Rehosting (Lift and Shift)
  • Considerations for S/4 HANA (Greenfield/Brownfield/Bluefield)
  • Bolt on system environment
Day 1:
  • Current Landscape Assessment
  • EWA Reports review
  • Azure Migrate Assessment
Day 2:
  • Bolt On Systems and Integrations review
  • High Level Wave Planning
  • Review and Walkthrough of the deliverables
  • Azure Migrate Assessment Report
  • High Level Solution Architecture
  • Azure ROM Estimate
  • Approach and High-Level Migration Plan.
  • High Level Duration and Migration Cost
Client Commit
  • Stakeholders Availability (SAP Basis, Managed Services and Application Teams)
  • -2 x 2 hour Workshops

SAP on Azure : 7 Day Assessment + Workshop

Scenarios Covered
  • SAP
  • S/4 HANA (Greenfield/Brownfield/Bluefield)
  • Bolt on system environment
Day 1-2
  • Current Landscape Assessment
  • EWA Reports review
  • Azure Migrate Assessment
Day 3-4
  • As Is – Current Infrastructure Cost Analysis
  • Bolt on Systems and Integrations review
  • SAP HANA Sizing (Any DB)
  • S/4 HANA Assessment
Day 5-6
  • SAP Architecture Design Session Workshop
  • Non-SAP Architecture Design Session Workshop
  • DR and HA Readiness Workshop
Day 7
  • Presentation of Deliverables & Architecture Walkthrough
  • Business Case Presentation
  • Azure Migrate Assessment Report
  • Solution Architecture
  • Azure Infrastructure ROM Estimate
  • S/4 HANA Readiness Assessment Report
  • Migration Approach SAP and Bolt on Systems
  • Migration Wave Plan
Client Commit
  • Stakeholders Availability (SAP Basis, Managed Services and Application Teams)
  • 4 x 2 hour Workshops

Proof of Concept SAP on Azure : 20 day

  • PoC Objective Alignment- Migration/Fresh Build
  • Solution Design
  • Azure Scaffolding as needed
  • Target current landcape as per SAP Best Practices
  • SAP Landscape Provisioning
  • PoC Environment Build Out
  • Integrated Testing
  • Detailed Architecture for PoC Build Out
  • Set up Azure Scaffolding
  • ASR
  • Network (S2S/Express Route)
  • SIT & UAT Testing and Validation Execution
Client Commit
  • Stakeholders Availability-PoC design Workshops, testing and validations
  • Infrastructure commit: Only if PoC requires to be built on customer subscription
  • Azure Subscription and Backup in Storage Account
  • S2S VPN/Express Route

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S4Hana Readiness

Make sure your transformation to S/4HANA is a full success with the SAP readiness assessment from Khoj.

SAP S/4 HANA is SAP’s latest business solution. Many organizations have implemented it due to its excellent AI and data handling capabilities. Businesses can quickly analyze, report, and predict data from all functions with SAP S/4 HANA migration. By using real-time data reports, companies can make better-informed decisions. In addition, through Khoj’s SAP S/4 HANA expertise, companies can benefit from this latest ERP system. Our SAP S/4 HANA solutions are creative, easy-to-implement, and tailored to industry needs.

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    SAP S/4 HANA Consulting and Implementation

    Khoj’s SAP S/4 HANA expertise in managing and overcoming all organizational challenges is based on extensive experience partnering with businesses across all verticals. With our hardware, application design and architecture expertise, we can design an effective migration plan that meets your requirements.

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    Migration to SAP S/4 HANA

    As a comprehensive migration and support provider, Khoj offers support for heterogeneous systems. For example, all existing data can seamlessly be migrated from SAP S/4 HANA to SAP HANA with our SAP S/4 HANA migration services. In addition, data analysis and conversion are made easier with our next-generation business suite.

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    Innovation and Advisory Services

    Khoj provides SAP S/4 HANA industry solutions for all businesses. However, successfully migrating to the SAP ERP requires preparation and support. With Khoj’s experience in SAP, you get industry experts who can prepare you for all challenges by providing innovative solutions.

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HANA Modernization

HANA modernization helps companies harness the power of HANA to simplify and modernize their BI systems and transform them into analytics-driven enterprises. We deliver new-age analytics that drives real-time insights from data and enhanced visualization with a reduced data footprint. As a result, we enable companies to reduce operating costs and bring agility in delivering solutions.

Due to the changes driven by the modern global economy, companies are increasingly replacing or upgrading their legacy ERP systems. Real-time data usage is vital to many industries for making quick decisions. ERP systems should also include business intelligence features to anticipate and prepare for changes.

Whether you want to upgrade your legacy ERP system or move it to the cloud, we can help you do so. We can make your existing system more flexible, agile, and easy to use. Your cloud migration can be accelerated, and ERP systems can be modernized. With our ERP system integration services, we can enable your legacy system to support critical business functions. Let us help you set up a better ERP system to support future growth and innovation.

HANA Modernization Benefits

  • Improve the efficiency of operations

  • Enhance functionality

  • Data accessibility in real-time

  • Analytics of data

  • Decisions are made more quickly

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We hired Khoj to lead the technical architecture and infrastructure team on a global SAP program. Ajay – the founder of Khoj was a key member of my leadership team throughout the design, build and implementation phases of the program. He was able to successfully lead a joint team of highly engaged consultants and Campbell Employees. We would not have been able to complete the program without Ajay’s leadership and the backing of the Khoj team.
Roberto Depani, Campbells

Why choose us?

At Khoj Information Technology , we leverage IT security and automation to help you:

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    Protect your business

    Reduce risk by preventing (or recovering from) security breaches.

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    Optimize IT systems

    Improve efficiencies, Reduce your Cost.

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    Empower your employees

    Allow your employees to do more and go further.

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